The Best Value Glasses Online, Here’s our Top 5

The top 5 places to get the best value glasses online

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Best Value Glasses Online

If you don’t have health insurance to cover the cost of your glasses, or they don’t cover the full amount, then your best bet is to look online. That’s for certain where you will find the best value glasses that won’t break the bank. In reality glasses should be cheap. Frames cost only a couple of dollars to manufacture and have a ridiculous mark-up. Paying over $100 for something made of cheap metal or plastic is truly crazy! You are usually paying for nothing more than a brand no one notices. So avoid those silly name brands and get a pair of specs online for a low cost. Glasses need not cost you a fortune and cheap glasses doesn’t have to mean poor quality either. There are good quality, great value glasses that can be bought at a very reasonable price. The same goes for contact lens or just lens replacement if your prescription changes with time.


Of course buying glasses online can be a pain and comes with a few pitfalls. For starters you have to get your prescription first, but really it’s no biggy. Some also offer a free online vision test, but I’ve not tried it myself. You can also get them done for free or very low cost in many places.  But perhaps the biggest hurdle is that you don’t get the try them on first. You need to come knowing the style you want and correctly measure your size (your PD or the distance between your eyes). Then you should be fine to get a great looking, good fitting pair of glasses. For the huge savings on offer, it’s definitely worth the effort. Most come with free shipping and free returns as well to give the buyer safety in purchasing.


Getting the best value glasses online now comes with a huge array of choice. There’s a lot of competition and a lot of choice. Too much really. So I’ve looked through a bunch of them and here’s a few that are worth checking out. Theses would be my picks for the best value glasses online. I’ve rated them for cost, likely add on costs, shipping and choice. Having searched a LOT of websites hopefully this can point you in the best places to get started.

Top 5 Best Value Glasses Online

So Here’s the top 5 for value. I’ve compared singe vision lenses with their own brands recommended extras. Note that many also offer additional discounts and offers that will reduce these prices even more.

Zenni Optical

Prices start at just $6.95, $4.95 for shipping and about $30 for their recommended extras. So $42 all up. If you forgo the extras, getting a pair of specs for under $12 delivered is amazingly good value and the cheapest option on the market. They also have a big under $20 range to choose from and come in at number 1 on my list of best value glasses. You can visit their online store HERE.’

Glasses Shop

Starting at about $6 with a decent value range, $19.85 for their recommended extras and $5.95 for shipping. That’s $32 for the lot and comes in at the cheapest price overall. They also have a wide range under $20 so you’re a good chance of finding something you like. For this reason this is my number 2 pick. You can visit their online store HERE.

Eye Buy Direct

Entry level glasses start at just $9 with $26.50 of recommended extras and $5.95 shipping. So $41.50 all up. Again, super cheap glasses. Visit their online store HERE.


Again they have a starting range at just $9, but recommend $45 of extras. With free shipping that comes is a very reasonable $54. Visit their online store HERE.

39 Dollar Glasses

As the name suggests there’s a big range of glasses for $39. $50 of recommended extras brings the price up to $89 with free shipping. Just a bit more than the others, but the range at that price is extensive, where as the others only have a few at the cheapest price. Visit their online store HERE.

A Few Other Notables

Here’s the runners up that just didn’t make the list. If you can’t find something above, here are a few more you could try at a slightly higher price point. Lens crafters are well known and start around $99. Discount Glasses have a decent selection in the $20-$40 range with $40 of extras. They also offer a free eye test as well. Yes Glasses are also notable and just missed the list coming in around $70 for a starting price with recommended extras.

So there’s my best value glasses online. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding a great value pair of glasses. If you find somewhere else offering comparable value, would love to hear and we will update along the way. Be wise.

Nb. If you live in Australia check out my best value glasses picks  from the land down under.  

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