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Should You Cut Up Your Credit Cards?

Should You Cut Up Your Credit Cards? Not everyone should have a credit card, some people really should cut up your credit cards. In fact, for many they are a dangerous thing that allow you to spend way too much, way too easily. If that's you, you shouldn't own a credit card, you should cut up your credit cards, NOW! If you are tempted to spend money you don't have, credit cards are a bad idea. Snip, snip! Similarly, if you have unpaid credit card debt, get rid of that thing as soon as possible. Cut up your credit cards and…

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Hi, My name's Luke. I'm passionate about helping everyone make wise decisions with their money. From saving to spending, investing and living, I want to help you be wise. I also love soccer, Liverpool FC and coach my kids teams. I'm a Christian and live with my wife and four children in Melbourne. I have a franchised cleaning business, write for blogs, have my own books and love starting businesses. Christian, entrepreneur, business owner, writer, author, coach, parent, husband, and more.

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